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We know it can be difficult when choosing a gym to train in. We want you to have the best environment and feel comfortable At All Times.

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Warriors TMA Academy is a Mixed Martial Arts gym located 1.5 miles away from the City Centre and also 2 miles just off the M6 junction 3. Parking is free here at WTA. We offer a great Mixed Martial Arts Gym and we have a specific matted area and offer classes for every fitness level for men, women and children.

Our academy holds a boxing ring, boxing, kick bags, cage and a matted area for training. We also have our very own Warriors TMA Fitness Centre kitted out with weights, racks and kit you need for our Warrior Workout Classes.

Our family feel and friendly atmosphere makes training inspiring and motivating. Warrior’s TMA Academy is a positive gym aimed at helping you. Whatever your fitness goals is: too lose weight, increase strength or gain conditioning, we have daily classes that will meet your goals. These include Boxing, Muay Thai , Combat Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial Arts, Warrior Workout Classes and our Tiny & Junior Warriors Programme (run for ages 3yrs to 15yrs) to help you reach those personal goals.

We are the only academy in Coventry to be Combat Submission Wrestling Affiliated and taught by Pindi Madahar.

Pindi Madahar is a renowned Martial Artist from Coventry. He competed in a number of successful fights in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu Competitions.  

Pindi’s career started in 1998 when he started martial arts under the instruction of his father Lucky Madahar. He started competing in Muay Thai in his teenage years in 2003. He then turned pro in 2008 competing in both Muay Thai & MMA. He’s had the honour of fighting on the biggest shows in the UK such as Bamma, Yokkao& MSA Muay Thai League just to name a few. He trained in fight camps in the USA with his Combat Submission Wrestling Coach Erik Paulson. Pindi has had the honour of having many fights camps with various of instructors such as Tony Myers, Dean James, Liam Robinson all from Tony’s Muay Thai Gym in Rugely.

He now keeps up with his Muay Thai & Boxing training with his Coach Liam ‘THE HITMAN’ Harrison from Badcompany Gym in Leeds. He train’s his Wrestling with his Wrestling Coach Kamby Banger.

Pindi is a Purple Belt under the Instruction of his Professor Victor Estima from Gracie Barra Nottingham. Pindi started his BJJ Journey back in in 2006 with Professor Victor Estima and his brother Braulio Estima at Gracie Barra Birmingham.

Pindi is a inspiring Coach, Personal Trainer and Instructor in Fitness, Muay Thai, Boxing, Combat Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Kali & Jeet Kune Do.

He brings positive energy to the Mats and classes and is always pushing his students to make the right choices and guide them on their own martial arts journey.”

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We offer a range of membership plans that have been arranged to give you our members the best access to our classes. We have aimed them to be flexible to suit and reward you to be able to access them as often as you can be depending on your daily lifestyle.

“Pindi Madahar is what I like to call a “Faith Restorer”. All to often, particularly in Mixed Martial Arts you come across the ego’s the fame hungry and the wrong sort all together. Pindi is everything that is right in a person, where manners, humility and respect come first, “He Restores my Faith”. You are what you have been brought up to be and in Pindi that is testament to Lucky Madahar & Pushpinder (Mum & Dad).
If you are looking for a place to learn from the heart then you could not go far wrong with Warrior’s TMA Academy. Lucky & Pindi truly are two of the nicest guys I will ever meet in my entire life”.

Marc Goddard

UFC Referee

"I would like to recommend Warrior’s TMA Academy in Coventry, my son Macauley Coyle has trained there for nearly 4 years. With instructors Lucky Madahar and his son Pindi ‘The Warrior’ Madahar, his attitude towards his school work has improved to be top levels results; I think this has a lot to do with his concentration levels from his training in Muay Thai, such a friendly place to be to learn martial arts. Macauley has achieved so much since his time at the WTA, he started pro fighting for the fight team at the WTA, in the last year he has won both English and British ISKA titles in which I am very proud of him and his
team at the Warrior’s TMA Academy, without the great training he receives he would not be at this level at the age of just turning 16, Warrior’s TMA Academy in Coventry
is the place to be – Cheers!"

Steve Coyle

"Just started training again at the WTA and it’s given me a new lease of life! I’m feeling stronger & fitter, and dropped 5 pounds in weight that I’d gained during lock down. Pindi’s Warrior Workouts are tough but rewarding, and his technical advice in Muay Thai, boxing, CSW and BJJ raises the skill-set up another level. He radiates positive energy & passion, constantly challenging & motivating everyone. Lucky brings a lifetime of experience & knowledge to the Kali/JKD classes. The gym is always clean & super-organised - without a doubt, the best gym I’ve ever been to!"

Kiran Birdi


Warrior’s TMA Academy has launched its very own podcast and video channel. We will be posting lots of interesting content from workout videos to interviews with interesting people from around the world.




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