Listen in on how 2 successful brothers have continued the legacy of their father’s wrestling background to establish Fearless MMA. A hugely thriving successful school in Birmingham. The brothers talk all things business, wrestling, competing and forming UFC champions ready for the Octagon. Fearless MMA was established in 2009 by brothers Kaish and Kamby Banger. Kaish and Kamby were heavily influence by their father, a former wrestler in India. Kaish has his MMA roots in Thai Boxing, as a former British Thai Boxing Champion he boasts over 20 years experience competing and training in Thai Boxing. Kamby Banger has used his wrestling skills globally, participating in numerous training and competitive events worldwide. He has numerous British and English titles in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, and is former captain of the Great British Wrestling Team. Both Kaish and Kamby are incredibly passionate about passing on their knowledge and expertise, especially to younger members – they strongly believe that they are the future. Their knowledge and expertise has grown a group of professional figures, whom have just just competed in the UFC.